Replacement Squeegee Blades

Replacement Squeegee Blades

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The wiping blade(s) on your Clerét squeegee are designed to provide years of quality performance. However, like automobile windshield wiper blades, occasionally they may need to be replaced.

Replacement wiping blades are offered for sale by squeegee model name and color. Use the drop down menu below to locate your model and blade color. Shown above are the blades currently available for sale. The two blades (white, aqua) on the left are for the iDO Squeegees. The other blades (black, white, aqua) are for the Elite & the Classic. IMPORTANT! If you want to replace BOTH wiping blades for a dual bladed Elite or Classic Squeegee, you need to order TWO wiping blades. The squeegee blades for the Elite & Classic are interchangeable. In other words they are identical. Should you have any questions concerning what blade may be right for your squeegee or instructions on how to remove or install wiping blades, please call customer service (800.825.0750) for assistance or e-mail us at

All blades are priced @$2 each.