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Boat & Auto Squeegees

The Clerét Auto Chamee squeegee and combination ice scraper/squeegee are recent additions to our line of squeegees. The Auto Chamee is designed to help save time drying a freshly washed vehicle. The Clerét Ice Scraper/Squeegee/Bug Eraser is three tools in one. Use it in the Winter to clear ice and the Summer to clear dew & bug splats ... your choice!

Auto Chamee

Auto Chamee - Time Saver!

Removes water from freshly washed vehicles in seconds saving time and towels. It has dual soft flexible wiping blades which conform to body contours.

Three 2'n One Ice Scraper/Squeegees

Scrape n' Squeeg - 3 Tools In One!

This handy three in one tool clears ice and frost in the Winter, dew in the Spring and bug splats in the Summer. Best of all, it is compact enough to fit in a side door pocket making it handy to reach when needed. $3